An Idea For A New Map

  • I don’t know if this idea has already been brought up, but I have thought of a map that would be amazing for last team standing or just one of those junk-food maps where action is constantly in your face.

    I was thinking of a pseudo ship battle map (I say pseudo because the ships are completely static and non interactive) but anyway… imagine two huge ships next to each other in the middle of the sea, one is Agatha and the other is Mason, and the gap between them both has been bridged off with gang planks

    I think this would be an amazing map but the only problem I’m coming across is that it would be a little too straight forward… the only way to the other side would be the planks which would cause bottle-neck problems. It’s just the bare bones of an idea, feel free to flesh it out if you like. I wouldn’t be upset if this didn’t make it in, just throwing any idea I have out there!

  • Should be able to use the ship cannons to blast holes in the hull and extend more gangplanks to enter on different levels. Or just gib people with them.

  • Each ship could have rope swings, like 3 per ship.

  • Why have cannons when you can get… Ballistas !

    (reminds me of Austin powers…)

  • Ballistae aren’t very good for blasting holes. Maybe just catapults. Or trebuchets - we don’t have any controllable trebs like the one on aoc_siege yet.

  • Yeah sea battle map would be awesome. Especially at nighttime :P

    I really like the water in this game

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