Why this game cant be recorded with Dxtory?

  • Such a shame :( Dxtory is such an awesome recording tool so much better than fraps.

  • My DXtory works fine. Perhaps you should try using the codec that I use. Its better than the default settings for DX… It might work for u… Download a codec call Largarith Lossless Codec, and under ur video settings select it. (video codec settings under DX)

    Also make sure ur not running any other program that uses a screen overlay…such as afterburner/evga precision)

    good luck

  • I just got Dxtory recently because Afterburner was giving me trouble and it’s been working fine. It’s probably a problem with your settings.

  • Also tested out dxtory and it’s working fine for me. What specific problem do you have with it?

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