Are Spartans UP/OP, how should I play them?

  • Hi there, I’m a Chivalry noob (50 hours on medieval warfare, 10 on DW) and my favourite class so far are Spartans. Normally I play with the 6 short spears and the third sword as my loadout, going into a battle with my sword then going out and tossing my spears as I heal. My KD is around 1.2, excluding assists.

    The problem is, whenever I am forced to play another class due to gamemode (example samurai) I tend to do MUCH better in KDA with MUCH less effort.

    So I would like to summon the Chivalry gurus in all their wisdom to tell me: should I be playing a better class, use a different fighting style, different weapons, or all of the above?

  • God damnit I made a lengthy post for you but it didn’t go through for some reason. Spartan’s great, I had a friend who would top the leaderboard nearly every game with it. Use Dory/Falcata setup. Go from target to target while comboing attacks. Use feints. Use the stab and not the thrust on the Dory most of the time because it’s more accurate, faster, and does close to the same amount of damage as the thrust.

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