Where are my helmerts???

  • Dear DEVs I bought to this broken not F2P game ( lvl stuck, unlocking weapons bug ) pack of helmets, for Manson order and one death mask from latest offer.

    But today, I just watching customization ( it wrote me some connection fail shit ) and I missclicked to some other helmet, and now that ones which I bought for real money is missing in my inventory. The other classes have still special helmet ( on their heads) but there are also missing in inventory???

    Where is the fokin problem, this game is heavy broken guys, and that last patch solve nothing.

    FFS do something ! ! ! ! FCK

  • I have the same problem. $10 wasted. NOT HAPPY !!!Fix this or give me back my money. This is crap.

  • I send them mail thru this contact on this site.
    I will be very surprise if someone answer to this message . . .
    This support and team of DEVs is so sad :( seems to me, like like bunch of total amateurs, which accidently made a pretty good game

  • I will be making a Paypal refund claim if its not fixed by tomorrow

  • @The:

    I will be making a Paypal refund claim if its not fixed by tomorrow

    it’s due to the steam sale, the servers are overloaded by the customers. it won’t be fixed until a new patch comes out or they remove their game from the sale.

  • Thats not good enough. I know that its xmas, and their staff are on holidays, but it shouldnt have happened in the first place. Im out of pocket with nothing to show for it.

  • You do realize it’s only temporary and your helms aren’t permanently gone right?

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