Can't buy new helmets

  • Whenever I bring up the customization menu I get a “Server Communication Error”

    It’s driving me FUCKING MAD.

    I can’t buy any helmets because of this. I restarted my computer. It’s still freaking there.

    The worst thing is I can’t even equip the helmets I already bought! This is fraud!


  • I am having this exact problem as well.

  • Apparently this has something to do with the steam sale?

  • From the developers:


    For those having issues with the checkout button in the customization menu:

    Making a purchase requires the Steam Community Overlay. Please ensure that the in-game Steam Community is enabled and restart the game in order to purchase helmets.

    And if you’re unable to get into the customization menu then that is likely related to the servers being overloaded as a result of the sale (or something like that). Happens every time a sale happens. Probably not the best time to release new helmets :). I mean, it SHOULD/WOULD be, but you know. Totally predictable too…. oh well.

  • I bought it, I had it on my head, yewsterday I missclicked on some stadart helmet and now I cannot put back that special one :(
    They are just missing in my inventory.

    This game is full of bugs.

  • Now that I finally have some money to spend, I figured I should just go all out and buy every damned helmet. And then, Server Communication Error. Tried restarting the game about three times and got the same error each time. Guess I won’t be buying any helmets then. :/

  • Yeah, I’m really sad now, I want these helmets… :c

  • As others posted, its probably due to overload of Steam Sale. It should be available once it ends again.

    But I want them now! >_<;

  • Ain’t a bug but this happens every sale.

    MOAR servers.

    I’m lucky to live next to the middle of no where so I don’t have this issue. Because no one is on.

  • You don’t get this problem? I have it constantly and I’m in the middle of nowhere too.

  • @dudeface:

    You don’t get this problem? I have it constantly and I’m in the middle of nowhere too.

    I get it sometimes but not when I play late my time.

    And you’re in Singapore aren’t you? That ain’t the middle of nowhere. Also all the Europeans would be up too. And you got Japan and everyone. It’ll be the the late morning on the east cost in the states too. You play when there the most people awake on earth if you play prime time. Singapore time is pretty much the same time as some of the largest population centers in the world.

    Though most gamers are in America. North and South.

    Prime time NZ well, Europeans are all in school or at work US is asleep and we have to play with those people who cheat at cricket across the ditch. Australia also referred to the middle of nowhere becuase of the low population in relation to lands size and the fact its got a big freaked desert with one town right smack bang in the center called Alice springs. The middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. That’s the proper middle of nowhere.

    But yeah time wise there aren’t many people on. The lowest point on the steam graph is when I play. Which is still a million people mind you.

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