Kill counter reset.

  • I have looked through the steam forums and many people have this bug,On EVERY single thread the only response or help for this bug was."Make sure your on an official server, Dont leave before the match ends, make sure there is more than 5 people ect."or"No they fixed it your just doing something wrong."I’m sure somone somewhere on this forums has the same bug but I would like someone, preferably a mod/ dev to tell me if there is a way around or to fix this bug becuase I remember, when I preordered this game, THIS BUG WAS STILL THERE. Now a year later, it still hasn’t been fixed!To explain the bug.I go on to an official server, with more than 5, 6 ,7 15-20+ people… I get kills with the weapon I am trying to advance, then the game ends, the match changes and VOILLA my kills are reset. I.e lets say I need 53 kills with the crossbow to unlock tier 3, I get 17 kills with the crossbow, at the end of the match it says I need 36 more kills to unlock… Map changes/ resets… The counter goes back up to 53.Map resets/ ChangesThe archer is the only class I havn’t vetted and this bug has been following me for days now. I encoutered this a long time ago on my other classes but I don’t remember how I got around it.Would somone please give me some ‘Useful’ advice?Things I have done.Validated - Reinstalled - Restart game - Exit match before finished - Exit match after finished - Wait untill next match starts then leave - Switch classes - Play on Official Server - Play on Populated (10+) server - Play on low ping Official Populated Server

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