Balancing in CDW

  • Before i get into what I want to say I would like to compliment the developers at Torn Banner for making such a good game I have fallen in love with this game and would like to help improve it if I can.

    I have been playing Chivalry for about 100 hours on medieval and about 50 hours on deadliest and have played every class to figure out how to kill them the easiest. I am writing this to see if anyone has the same idea about class balancing

    Lets start with Samurai (my favorite)
    Dodachi sword
    -not sure if just my resolution of what but the sword seems to lag a lot when fighting it making it really had to anticipate
    -the stats are everything the naginata is just less. Maybe increase damage but reduce speed like the zweihander in MW
    -could use some speed nerfs, I seem to be able to keep up with every class in duels.

    This is the class I have the least experience with so I do not feel qualified to comment on these guys

    I feel that spartans are tipped a little over to the over powered side. They have everything every other class has just more of it at the same time. If you compare range between a pirate and a spartan the javelins will most likely win out. Then when it comes down to damage their main weapons (the spears) do less damage than their swords which keep up with the dodachi, the war hammer, the poleaxe, and leave every other one hand in the dust.
    Sum up
    -Reduce damage on thrown items (to try and get people to use the main weapons)
    -Reduce damage and buff speed on the secondary weapons
    -Increase damage on main weapons while using lmb and wheel

    I don’t have much to say about ninjas, I feel they are fairly balanced with what they do(kill something and get out of dodge and repeat). The only thing I feel is kinda under powered on them if their dodge roll. The pause at the end of the roll is a little long and it sets up the ninja to get hit more than anything. I don’t want it buffed to the point where maa used to be where they spam and get in between you and your shield.

    Scariest “C” charge there is, makes me proud to have a viking lineage. I feel they are pretty balance all around minus a couple weapon stats. The Norse sword could be a little faster or longer to keep up with the dane axe and such it has to compete with. Say if a viking some how throw all of your weapons into a person and they don’t die the viking should be able to pull the weapons out of them. Finally If the viking throws the main hand weapon and the secondary why wouldnt he just keep the sheild out to still block?

    The Teemo of this game, the class everyone rages about. I feel that they need to be burn at the stake and removed from the same, nah just kidding. I feel that this class needs the biggest tweak out of all the classes. With its low over all, damage, health, speed, and utility the pirate falls behind and just ends up as kd spread boost for the other classes. I loved crossbow archer in MW and though that the blunderbuss would give me that same feeling, I was wrong. For being such a powerful weapon it seems to almost never get a kill unless the player steals if from a spartan or samurai.
    Sum up
    -Black powder weapons could use an accuracy and damage buff
    -The weapons could use a tweak in stats to give them a bigger range of utility

    As a said before this is not a rage post but my opinions and I love Chivalry
    Im actually about to go play it after this post.

  • Spartans shouldn’t be nerfed because people are compelled to walk in front of your spears and do absolutely nothing about it.

    No-dachi LMB damage or speed could be changed so LMB is less appealing to people. More in the hope to stop Team damage.
    Naginata is fine. Its better than the halberd. Samurai has a massive disadvantage against projectiles. And their armour was made for maximum protection and dexterity so the speed is somewhat realistic dare I say. It wasn’t light but it was made to move around in.

    Knight mace axe stab may need to be slowed a bit. Not many play knight and hardly anyone has got the mace so its not an problem now but when people start getting the mace then there may be problems.

    Spartans are fine people just need to learn what RMB does. The only secondary that might need a change is the falcata. A slight speed nerf for the slash and stab to make the kopis more appealing. The falcata wasn’t even Greek it was Iberian, from Spain invented in parallel with the kopis. The kopis and falcata weren’t based off each other. Just two people in different places had a similar idea at the same time. Carthaginian hoplites used the falcata so a spartan hoplite having one is fine. And they would only have two secondaries otherwise.

    Dodgeroll could be made smoother as yes you do get kinda stuck for a split second as ninja.

    You under estimate the power of fists for Viking. That’s how some play Viking. Throw everything and finish them off with a punch to the face. I think the Norse sword stab damage should be increased a bit to make it a bit more appealing over the Dane axe.

    Pirate got over nerfed because people were scared of the loud bangs guns made. I wouldn’t mind a small ranged buff.

    You ideas are pretty good. Though its best not to change one particular class too much all at once.

  • Important things first,
    CDW - best game since AOC!

    That long samurai sword has a too fast stab, almost no windup for that lengh. The stab also looks like a block imo.

    Yea Knight mace stab speed needs a nerf. 1h SOW stab is also too hard to flinch.

    Agree with falcata, needs a nerf. i dont see why i should use one of the other swords cause its longest, most damage and has almost same speed. And i think you shouldnt 2 shot a samurai with spartan sword. Also agree with spear throw nerf, apart from the dory. I mean why you should oneshot a pirate with short spear when he shoots 1000 times against shield to get a kill.

    Ninja sword stab is too fast aswell in my eyes, almost impossible to flinch.

    I dont really have a problem with spears (viking samurai) apart from their pushback. I can understand the pushback at the end of the stab but not when youre close. Makes it a pain with short weaps.

    Yep pirates got nerfed to much, but i dont care i play them anyways(so its a kinda challange). More weaps for pirate would nice caus as secondary you end up with cutlass or sabre, the rest is just relyable for duel( apart from the blunderbuss, molotov, fist choice!)

    so that people learn that there are other buttons than LMB AND RMB

    AND possibilety to bring rounds in server rotation WITHOUT ranged weaps

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