Fps lag, Freezes, Crashes

  • I have a great system that has no trouble playing any other game, but in deadliest warrior I get poor frame rate which can also include periods of extreme drops in fps. My game can freeze for 5~ seconds before continuing. My game crashes randomly. Alt tabbing works about 50% of the time, where tabbing out causes 80% of my desktop to be black and me being unable to re-enter chivalry.

    I have played the previous chivalry with no issues.

    The main problem I want to fix is the fps and fps spikes which make the game unplayable.

    What should I do?

  • maybe you should lower the ragdoll time and blood decal time, that made my high end pc get low fps after a while of killing, as for anything else, wait for it to be fixed! >.>

  • When I buy a game I expect it to work, or at least have a sticky describing the current problems and what is being done to fix them. There is a thread on crashes, but nothing about fps or being unable to tab back into the game.

  • So what are your system specs exactly?

  • What Zreks said. Having a high ragdoll time will kill fps on even the best computers. I have an i7 4770k and I can’t even have the ragdolls on max on 24 player servers without severe frame drops.

    If I bothered overclocking it I probably would be able to handle them, but still.

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