Shy steam overlay suspicions.

  • So for some people the steam overalay doesn’t work for some people. So no screenshots and stuff like that work. As you can’t buy helmets. Not the same issue as the server communication failure though. Torn banner tells is to turn it on in the settings. How stupid do they think we are its on people have other games they use it in. But not chivalry. It doesn’t work sometimes.

    I’ve found that bandicam my screen recorder was the problem. If I had that running I couldn’t use the steam overlay. It has its own FPS overlay. So I’m thinking program’s with their own overlay is the problem.

    But it needs to be tested with other program’s. Fraps, Dxtory, MSI afterburner, Razor gamebooster, 3Dmark any program with its own overlay even as simple as an FPS overlay. And not just screen recorders. I doubt everyone who has this issue has bandicam. And you might not even be using the overlay the program has. It could be just be running. Though I wonder if its screen recorders or things with overlays.

    So its a conflict with other program’s probably. If you can’t access the steam overlay to do things close other program’s and restart the game as it will probably work.a

    And yes torn banner we have turned the steam overlay on in the settings and yes torn banner it is a bug you introduced.

  • My mumble overlay works fine. Too lazy to test anything else.

    It could be driver related as well, as that can cause similar problems with other games. shrug

  • Doesn’t happen with any other games. Just deadliest warrior and chivalry. Ever since the patch that made rank 0 rank 5. Supposedly the patch that did nothing for DW but it doesn’t work there either.

    Not even other unreal engine games.

    And hey hey it my be related to program’s that record video/take screenshots. Or everyone used bandicam which I doubt.

  • Does the gameoverlayUI.exe run at all?

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