Can't unlock new weapons

  • Hi there and merry christmas to everyone,

    i’ve bought the game during the Steam-Sale and i really enjoy it.

    Somehow, i can’t unlock any new weapons.

    When i’m joining a game, the menu says, that i have to kill 61 more players to unlock my first tier 3 weapon. During the game, the kills are counting. After finishing a map and joining the new one, the counter is resetting to 61. This is happening since 2 days now.

    I’ve read some threads about that issue here and on the Steam forums. I know, that i have to play on official servers with more than 5 players, to make the kills count. I’m always playing on official servers with more than 15 ppl, but the counter is still resetting. I tried deleting the “UDKstats.ini”, starting the game, exiting it again and editing the stings “False” to “false” in the “UDKstat.ini” (a workaround - posted on Steam forums).
    Tried reinstalling the game also. Counter is still resetting.

    BTW my rank is resetting to 5 too.

    Does anyone know another workaround to fix this bug?

    Thanx in advance.

    ps: Sry - i’m no native speaker =/

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