Chivalry is capped at 60 FPS

  • I just now got my new 144hz BenQ monitor set up and it’s awesome! But when I play Chiv the framrate won’t go above 60. It works in other game, just not Chiv. Please help I wanna see the sexy frames ;_;

  • Turn off vertical sync in options.
    Go to Documents->My Games->Chivalry Medieval Warfare->CDWGame->Config->UDKEngine


    Change it to

  • Now it’s capped at 62 fps.

  • @Flippy:

    Now it’s capped at 62 fps.

    That’s strange.

    Try putting it to false and see what happens. Though what rumple posted should have worked.

  • Rumpel’s first post was “Turn vertical sync off” there was none of the other stuff. I’m going to go try out his new solution now.

  • It is still capped at 62 fps.

    EDIT: After checking it again it reset itself to 5, and 62. I set them to 0 and 120 again and I’m gonna see if it worked.

  • It worked! Thank you Rumpel. May your dreams be of intercourse with the most beautiful of women tonight.

  • What Vsync does is match your refresh rate and FPS to eliminate screen tearing. More noticeable at higher frame rates. It will bring either your refresh rate or Frame rate down depending on what’s higher. So it can be good if you say get 90 FPS on your monitor. Since you ain’t gonna get 144Hz it may be worth turning it on. It would look smoother.

  • That is good advice lemon. May your dreams be of getting to third base with the most above average of women.

  • Well better than nothing.

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