General DW Complaints

  • I figured we might as well have a centralized thread for all of our gripes with the game. That being said, I’ll start us off with a few things.

    -Sometimes when you hold your spear up to throw it as Spartan, it simply vanishes as if god stole it. Then you just have a sword.
    -A lot of the time the ninja roll does nothing, you roll away and still eat a hit. Roll spammers are also annoying.
    -So much of the time, this game comes down to who can lmb more rather than actual skill level. LMB LMB LMB HUR DER!
    -The autobalance is horrible. Often team are stacked and completely unbalanced, yet it takes no one off that team. Instead it will switch ME off the underplayed team, then I’ll get switched AGAIN later on that same match.
    -The XP adds up so slowly, not a problem anymore since I unlocked everything, but at least it works.

    Just a annoying things/bugs to start off with, go ahead and add your own.

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