The writing

  • Will there be a fleshed back story or just some rudimentary plot that is just in there for filler. Also, is there anyway that I can contribute to the writing if you are serious about the game’s story? Do you guys have a writing team that is taking applications?

  • I don’t think they have a writing team, but if you want to get on, you definately need to provide some examples of your own work. Any team that wants to have any chance at success cannot take just anyone aboard, and my own advice: you probably want to be REALLY good.

  • Well with a multiplayer based game like this I feel the maps/levels tell the story.

  • Developer

    There will also be background lore and some ingame lore such as settings for the levels, but the team is prepared to handle this themselves.

  • if all goes well do yall plan on making a Single Player of Chivalry?

  • Developer

    Yes, in fact some elements of this game will be geared towards allowing us to see how we could do certain single player elements for future releases. Such as the tutorial mission…

  • Well, I read your story on Moddb Tibberius, so I can assume the tutorial mission will be complete before the game makes a realease (excluding alpha and beta of course).

  • Developer

    Yeah sorry, what I meant was, some features that will be present in this game, such a tutorial mission, will allow us to see what might be possible in future releases in terms of single-player options.

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