Game won't start!

  • Hey everyone, when i start the game from steam it loads up and then i select the launch Chivalry option and not buy deadliest warriors. Then the game start to load and it freezes then stops working and it says that UDK.exe has stopped working. Hope someone can help, thanks

  • Because this is a balance issue lol.

    Anyway. This kinda crash can be fixed. The new update meant there was incompatible maps and mods, probably. And thy are causing the crashes. You gotta delete them all. Subscribing to them is pointless anyway as it autodownloads when you join. Unless you want to play with bots or make a server of your own.

    Problem is I forgot the file path to custom mods and maps. But you navigate to that folder and delete everything. I unsubscribed to them too but I don’t think you have to do that.

    So when I put my gaming computer back together again I’ll find the file path so you can fix the problem. Or some other nice person will post the path to the custom maps for you to delete. And it should work after that. I can navigate to it when its there in front of me I just can’t remember the names of everything. And I’m the one who found the damn fix to this too and I still forgot.

  • Oh if only we had active mods, who moved threads to the correct location. 'Tis a sad world.

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