Encountered another Jav bug today.

  • Jav is my favourite weapon, I love it. The middle jav though (can’t remember the proper name), is riddled with bugs. Here’s another one I found today:

    So I was trying to throw the jav in my hand and all I’m hearing is a beeping sound. Over and over again. I finally look at my ammo count and it says 0. But, there’s a jav in equipped in my hand.

    Notice the jav in my hand but the ammo counter reads 0.

    Fortunately my opponent didn’t come after me and kill me and I was able to zoom out to find that not only do I have a 1 jav in my hand, but also 1 on my back.


    Wasn’t able to use either one of them. I switch to my secondary and couldn’t get back to javs. I swear, this class with this loadout has to be the most bugged in the whole game.

  • Second ones the short spear. Never seen that issue. Though I use heavy or normal javelins mostly and it doesn’t happen with them.

    And it it happens often with you? I have to use the short spear more often and see if that happens.

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