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  • Addressing the knowledgeable,

    I’ve been interested in how the ranking system works. Whether that be the combination of kills/ kill death ratio/ game wins/ score/ etc, there could be a large amount of possibilities, depending on how much stats are being recorded. Maybe the system is kept secret to keep the player in the dark guessing, or maybe I’m just way to into the ranks, regardless What do you guys think? Does anyone know how the system works?

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  • Kill: 200xp
    Assist: 100xp
    That’s all.

  • Ok thanks, however there there is no way to figure out your progress?

  • There is a way, although you have to find it somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of the ini. files. I’m too scared to go there myself. A braver soul could help you.

  • @Flippy:

    There is a way, although you have to find it somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of the ini. files. I’m too scared to go there myself. A braver soul could help you.

    You called?

    Haha you want to have a look at your UDKstats.ini. The number at the top is your total experience, compare it with the exp-rank table that’s floating around the forums somewhere.


    You called?

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  • I believe I found the spreadsheet you are referring to
    Thank for the help, much appreciated

    Futur reference:

  • I believe this was the correct table:

  • @dudeface:

    I believe this was the correct table:

    This is the one you want, cheers Dudeface.

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  • I come with more questions- I have looked into UDKStats.ini and have found some of the lines that are being represented, I am wondering what the rest of the lines represent, in specific these three:

    1\. CacheAllExpValues=3
    2\. CacheAllExpValues=36
    3\. CacheAllExpValues=5

    CacheAllExpValues=2001 –- Man at Arms = Sword
    CacheAllExpValues=174 — Man at Arms = Blunt
    CacheAllExpValues=212 — Man at Arms = Axe
    CacheAllExpValues=165 — Man at Arms/ Archer = Dagger(2nd)
    CacheAllExpValues=632 — Man at Arms/ Archer = Sword(2nd)
    CacheAllExpValues=229 — Archer = Bow
    CacheAllExpValues=379 — Archer = Crossbow
    CacheAllExpValues=101 — Archer = Javelin
    CacheAllExpValues=135 — Knight = Blunt
    CacheAllExpValues=2002 — Vanguard = Sword
    CacheAllExpValues=212 — Knight = Axe
    CacheAllExpValues=161 — Vanguard = Spear
    CacheAllExpValues=2945 — Vanguard = Pole Axe
    CacheAllExpValues=1941 — Knight = Sword


    I've tested some other weapons and thought that the 3 line represented the pole hammer, quarter staff, flail, and the sling however after looking into that i don't think I was correct, possible these three could be oil pot, throwing knifes and throwing axes?
    The reason I thought it might represent the pole hammer, quarter staff, flail, and the sling was because one of me friends has 4 lines of and I only have 3, witch is confusing.
    and after A very confusing post, lets see what we can find!
    - V

  • It’s flail, not fail, lol.

    Anyway what you posted looks like data used for weapon unlocks. The names are names for the weapon groups and numbers are possibly kills with that group of weapons. I suppose it only matters for 25 and 100 kill mark.

  • Well I figured out what most of the lines mean, thus the description added, however I was unable to figure out what these last these mean:
    1. CacheAllExpValues=3
    2. CacheAllExpValues=36
    3. CacheAllExpValues=5
    I was wondering if anyone out there knew the answer

  • I’m sorry but a repeating line with different values really does not say much and unless TB released some instruction concerning this, which I doubt since interacting with these stats is not needed for public, I can’t help you. You could indeed try testing, but does it really matter that much?

  • Well I’ve already gone threw the trouble in finding most of them, just curious for the rest

  • Probably polehammer, q-staff, flail. I never use those things and my numbers for those three lines (I don’t have four…) are 3, 0, and 3.
    But I don’t know where the thrown weapons would be, then.

  • Ok well on the line you have 0 i have 129, I’ve been using the Pole hammer a lot so I know there is a relation
    I tried testing it for kills and assists and it didn’t work. so I’m a little confused

    Head Shots?

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