Weapon Cycle

  • Is there a possibllity for Next Weapon/Previous Weapon buttons? Yea, theres only 3 things to choose from, and when using a shield, it should always be equiped. If you chose to use a shield, is there a advantage to not using it at times, like more speed? Would make setting up keys easier and more streamlined.

    Let the skill reside in the actual fighting, not fumbling over keys. Like someone else mentioned, make block do fients.

    And most of all support lefty southpaw gamers :)

  • yea well havent played it yet but i think a fastswap button is prty fair.

    well u have alot better sight with it and maybe ppl want to fight offhand because it takes way more skill, to block safely with your weap instead of just a big tihng right infront of u that makes u invincible clumsy tank.

    statement: real men fight without shields.

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