Can't join Server: "Please wait while the game loads"

  • Hi,

    I have this problem for a week now. When I try to join any server it just says “Please wait while the game loads” until it stops with “Your connection has been lost”. Restarting the game ends with no servers being shown in the game browser.

    Here is what I tried already:

    • Verify Integrity of game cache (multiple times)
    • Deleting Chivalry folders in "*:\Users***\Documents\My Games\
    • Deleting *.blob -Files in *:*\Steam
    • Reboot of System / Router / Steam
    • Deactiving Windows Firewall
    • Searching Steam / Chivalry forums + Google

    More Information:

    • I can play with Bots in “Create Game”
    • Customization Menu sometimes shows “… No Connection …”
    • Other game do not have problems with Internet Connection / Ping

    Is there anything else i can do? Do you have any tips for me?

    Thank you!

  • Well the devs would be able to help you if they weren’t sitting on their asses. I’m afraid you’ve done all you can do. I would ask for a refund.

    Inb4 “The devs are on vacation Flippy they don’t need to help” They made their broken game on sale and have left all the poor players who’re fucked by these bugs to the snakes. They should’ve cancelled their vacations to help the people they cheated out of their money.

  • Actually I had this problem a few times. Sometimes just Reset the hub clears it out. There might be a tiny button on yours which only a pin can fit into for a reset. Hold it in for a few seconds and switch of/on. Also I had that problem with connecting to some servers which it turned out were at fault not my connection.

    • I restarted Router + Modem
    • Deleted the Config -Folder in Documents
    • Did a Verify Integrity of a game Cache again

    No Servers in Browser…

    I won’t ask for a refund since I’ve played this game for a while now. It just stopped working when there were 4GB Patches every day last Week (maybe for DW, which does not work aswell).

    I will try a Reinstall…

  • Hi,

    so I think I got it to work now. I was having some Internet problems last week (about the time as the problem occured), and I configured my Network connection manually (IP, Gateway and so on).

    Today i activated DHCP again (obtain configuration automatically) and in Game servers were showing + I could join.

    Maybe that helps some others with the same problem.

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