100 Kills In A Single Match

  • Anyone else? Mine is 119 kills in a single match with around 35 deaths while channeling the hammer of Thor Odinson with my Viking.

  • yes so pro, running around mashing left mouse button with loads of hp, attacks speeding up with every strike, not loosing stamina if you score a hit, killing all classes in 2 hits (apart from knight(unless overhead), probbibly lagging like hell with all the bugs on the game on your side. Yeah epic skills.

  • Yeah it’s easy to get 150+ kills in FFA where it lasts like 20 mins.

  • is it :/ I dont ever choose to play ffa and only play it when its voted. Luck based mostly but then again half the game is that. Left mouse spamming is way too rewarding.

  • What a bunch of cynical fucks. Grats on your score Thor, for Valhalla.

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