Does This Game Make Anyone Else Laugh Out Loud?

  • the battlecries and just hilarious, especially the samurai. when a group of samurai all battlecry together it never fails to make me laugh

  • Yeah, I laugh out loud frequently.

    But not because of how funny the game is.


  • I would laugh out loud a lot. Spartan phalanxes always make me giggle.

  • Sometimes the in-game conversations between noobs, assholes, trolls and drunk/high people make me laugh. Or the back-and-forths people have with the voice commands sometimes. One time a ninja led a screaming viking all the way around Bamboo while we was throwin shit after him, swinging and missing, chasing him in circles around the posts, then jumped off onto the spike trap, and as the viking followed him down the trap opened up and he fell straight in, and the ninja turned around and went Shhh. I was howling at that one.

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