Server browser insane pings

  • Hello!
    All of a sudden all of my pings in the server browser (and every steam game) have gone through the roof. A 0/24 man server now has a 903 ping.
    Last time this occurred I dropped my max connections in the steam INGAME options. This time it did nothing.
    1. Flush steam settings.
    2. Reset steamworks polling connections to 250.
    3. Reset chivalry settings by removing CONFIG folder
    4. Uninstalled and removed all chivalry files
    5. Tried steam beta.

    The PC beside me has identical specs except for a HD 7790. Same network. Works fine.

    Any ideas?

  • Out of curiosity are the ping issues just in game or with connectivity to servers in general?

    you can test by opening a command prompt (search for CMD) and type ping

    are the ping replies times you see in this screen similar to in game?

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