On-screen team damage warning

  • I think a lot of new players are unaware of the harm they’re doing when the bardiche LMB spam through a bunch of tightly packed teammates. An on-screen popup warning someone does X amount of TD over X amount of time would be a good addition to the HUD.

    That and maybe an autokick. Because sometimes you can’t even get kicks on griefers with over 70% TD to pass.

  • Yes, I think this is sorely missing. You only know about the team damage you did after you die, then it might say like “10 extra seconds to respawn due to team damage” or something. It should show up when we are hurting friends. I get killed a lot by newbie friendlies, they just chop me down even when enemies aren’t nearby, so I yell at them and they are like “what, I didn’t TK?” I dress entirely in white and you still think I’m a Mason?! They don’t even understand as I constantly block them and yell no.

  • I personally think identification of friend or foe is part of the game, where delays in recognising them can be the difference between winning a specific fight or losing. Adding extra newbie friendly options may be welcome to some but IMO would have to be an option that could be disabled either on the client or enforced on the server (and if it was a server option then I’d probably set my servers to have it disabled)

    dont forget there are some rank limited servers that new players can train up on. Other than that it’s just a learning experience for everyone and to expect some team damage

  • On screen would be horrible. It already shows in the chat that seconds were added to your respawn time which is quite sufficient as an indicator and a penalty.

  • Are you sure its working correctly? I fought one enemy on the battle field away from the main forces, I killed him just and then
    was shot by an archer. To my surprise it said 6 seconds added for team damage? I thought it was strange hence remembered.

  • @gregcau:

    On screen would be horrible…

    It really would,
    This is not wow!!!

  • Yeah, TK, TD is part of the game, and we have more indicators than before, the middle screen dot, the red sentences in the chat…
    This should be enough.
    ANd yes it works ! I killed someone near my spawn, a 350 ping taunting dude ( and kick resilient ) playing on a Eu server, from Whocarewhere, and i got 9sec added to respawn.

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