Game freezes on the maps Moor and Battlegrounds

  • Well, I used to play Chiv right at the release and after taking a decently long break I’ve decided to come back to the game now. The only problem, besides getting slaughtered like a noob, is that my game freezes on the maps Moor and Battlegrounds. Only these two maps are affected.

    What happens is that the game freezes and goes into blackscreen and I can’t tab out or alt+f4 but I can start up the task manager with ctrl+alt+del and switch back into the game and continue playing until the next freeze.
    I am running a i5-3570k@ 4.3 GHz and a 7950 @1.1GHz, so performance shouldn’t be a problem. I am using the latest drivers on a 64 bit Win8 Machine.

    Is this a known problem or am I the only one experiencing this? I noticed that the two maps affected are the only ones with the green grass sprites so maybe there’s something up with that. I went through the steps in the giant solution list and none of them helped. The problem persist in 32 and 64 bit mode and at the highest as well as lowest graphics settings in both windowed and fullscreen mode.

    In the attachements are the needed files and the launch.log has a whole lot of “Log: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (500 ms)” in it towards the end.

    Thanks in advance

  • I’m gonna have to double post here, since editing my OP seems to put it into a temporary coma of up too 24 hours (Great System btw ;D )

    Now here’s the news: I bought and played Chivalry: Deadliest warrior in the last few days and none of the problems seem to affect this Game though.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

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