UDK.exe stops working at Torn Banner logo, can't launch game at all.

  • I’ve followed every step on the list of solutions and tried a few solutions that other users posted but nothing seems to work. Can’t get the game to launch at all despite multiple reinstalls/verification attempts. Now when I verify Steam tells me “four files will be reacquired” but I don’t know how to make that happen. I also can’t find any evidence of a Launch Log file anywhere on my computer. Really enjoyed playing this game over the free weekend this summer and would like to be able to play it now that I’ve purchased it.

  • I’ve tried reinstalling, deleting config files and verifying. Nothing works.

    This problem started 3 days ago, it went away yesterday and it’s back again today.

  • For some reason I can’t post, but if this does get through then try deleting the geforce experience software if you have it. I got rid of it and chiv now works

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