Good Chivalry Pics

  • Ye you heard, I’m a pro chib photographer and as a result I have many good pics to share, some heart breaking, some funny, and some award winning.

    Majority of these pics are of my friends Wenchbane and Xzaber, but also myself, and possibly that of my dead victims whom i have 1v1d

    PS pls disregard any shit talking you may see in the chat logs, I’m actually a nice guy k.


    Unable to comprehend what has happened

    The men who died

    pls help

    wat has happened i am ded

    shadow of xxcrossbowmasterxx

    i must go my ppl need me

    ​pls im no here i am hide

    shh i am listen to my neck

    m8 im so high

    k thats all for now ppl, will post more when i come around to it

  • Deadliest Warrior forum.

  • Rofl these are some great pics. I have no idea how you got those kinds of angles on the spot with the wonky in game camera.

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