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  • The Three Handers
    Their hands were everywhere!

    The Three Handers is a team supporting Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and all expansions which is focused on fun, friendship, and fairness for everyone. Founded in February 2013 out of a bunch of lone wolf style players, The Three Handershave always been a bit different from other Chivalry clans. We are a team which has focused on having fun and enjoying the game while still remaining competitive. We try to avoid general asshattery and other bad behavior which give teams a bad impression.

    Our recruitment practices are also different than many other teams. We do not recruit just for the sake of accumulating more members. We care more about how fun someone is to play than how good they are. If you want to get better as a player our members are more than happy to help you learn. If you have any interest at all in joining feel free to simply communicate your desire.

    You can reach us through a variety of ways

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