Stupid question: how do I play a game on a custom map?

  • I go to create game, and none of the maps I am subbed to on workshop are there. What am I doing wrong?

  • Monkeyfiend/Nabster/Retsnom/other smart people please help the poor soul.

  • The ‘create game’ option has been there for a long time and only lists the oldest of maps.

    Create your own dedicated server instead and then just look up the name of the custom map you’re trying to play on and put in into the rotation.

    I’m too tired to link you elsewhere but a quick Google search will fetch you the results for setting up your own server.

    Alternatively, just pick a random map in ‘create game’ and then use the console and type: “votechangemap <custom map=”" name="">". I have absolutely no idea whether or not this will work on your own.</custom>

  • To play on custom maps, you’ll have to play on a server that hosts it. There’s no real list of which servers host what maps, so you’re pretty much screwed if you have any particular custom map you want to play on. The servers hosting any custom maps will have pink or blue text instead of grey/white in the server browser, so that’s your only option. From there, as listed above, you can votechangemap to that particular map but you’ll need to know it’s specific map name as well which not every modder lists.

  • You can type “open xxxxxx” into the console, where xxxx= the map name to open the map locally. So start the game and when you’re in the main menu press the tilde ~ button to get into the console. Once the map is loaded open the console again and type “addbots x” where x is the number of bots to spawn.

  • Its not a stupid question when GUIs don’t even have the option to do it and you have to go into the console… =\

  • @hawkwing:

    Its not a stupid question when GUIs don’t even have the option to do it and you have to go into the console… =\

    You are supposed to join a server with the maps.

  • You can play any custom map by opening up console and then typing open mapname. Just make sure you have subscribed to the workshop first to play a custom map or already have it downloaded by joining a custom map server.

    If you want to play a code mod, you’ll have to refer to that mod’s workshop page to see how to load their maps/mods.

    For example, to play Mana Warfare, you have to type this in console:


    You can play any other map that is TO, FFA or TD, but you need to add the ?ModName=MW for it to access the mod. But again, make sure you are actually subscribed to those mods to ensure you can play them. Also the bots won’t access the mod. So like in Mana Warfare, you won’t see the bots casting spells, but you can use them as target practice.

    Hope that helps.

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