Progression System

  • I hate to create another thread on the broken progression system, (well for most newcomers), but I must. I am new to the forums as well as the game, bought it 12/31/14 during the steam sale. I have done my research on all these fixes for example the False to false but with knowledge of basic coding; yes you do need lowercase but the whole config is riddled with captilization. Unless this is a new form of coding I am unsure how to fix it. Back to the point people are paying for a game that does not work. I understand most of any team working on this is on a break for Christmas, so I patiently await a reply.


    Vanguard: I have unlocked all the swords, but it seems when I try and unlock ANYTHING else, it will just reset next match. This is the same for rank, and any other type of progression.

    Hopefully someone who can clear this up for me will see this, and if you do,thanks for your acknowledgment

  • I’m having the same issue. I really enjoy playing but I want to unlock the final sword on the vanguard and it resets to 66 every new game. My rank also stays at 5. I would recommend this game if it wasn’t for this annoying and quite frustrating glitch. Please fix.

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