Am I the only one who…

  • still enjoys this game despite all the ‘bugs’ that people talk about? Sure, the game has changed alot since it first came out but I still enjoy this game just as much as when I played it a year ago. The only bug that bothers me right now are those flying vanguard charges and that’s pretty much it…

    Maybe it’s just because of the way I play this game, which is usually fooling around, throwing torches at my teammates and kicking my teammates off cliffs and still getting a pretty decent k/d by doing the objective. but yeah… just wondering if there’s anyone else who is still enjoying this game.

  • As I was saying in that other thread, I’ve always been in it for the lols. But I’ve also always maintained the game became less fun after the June patch. Still fun, still lols, just not as satisfying, and perhaps a bit more frustrating.

    People who tried to take the game seriously… well, you have my condolences.

  • @Matt95:

    throwing torches at my teammates and kicking my teammates off cliffs

    It’s really satisfying seeing people like you getting votekicked despite having low team kill %.

    It’s no where near as fun since “the patch.” I think Tobi said it best that the number of “frustrating deaths” have sky rocketed since that patch because with the lower skill cap, the majority of your deaths are not based on “skill,” rather the new frustrations and limited abilities that the new patch has made. I still have fun with the game, but no where near as much. I can still pub stomp and go 73-7 on sale noobs, just not nearly as often simply because of the bad direction the game as taken.

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