Please help, don't get any servers!!!

  • Hi there.

    I Need help with the following: I start the game and when I want to join the game I only get a list of a about 20 Servers, all empty (Except for “SirSpamalot”, which I also can’t join).
    So when I return to the mainscreen or even restart the game, I still get the same list with the same Servers. Restarting Steam only caused the list to not even Show a single Server, sometimes.

    I’m getting really frustrated and angered, as I bought the game and it functioned first, but now this shit happens. PLease help, thank you.

  • Make sure you don’t have anything in your filters. One time I had accidentally put a couple of characters in the filters that I forgot about. I was only able to see 10 or so servers.

  • I had the same bug a few days ago, I tried restarting my computer and that simply worked. If it doesn’t for you, I suggest verifying your cache through Steam. (

  • I tried the verifying trick twice it didn’t help at all. I also had this “bug” before I ever opend any filter Settings. Is there any other solution?

  • SO I have reinstalled the game, to no avail. I still get the same 15 Servers which are all empty. I’m pissed off. I fucking bought the game and now I can’t play it since over a week. I might have just thrown out the Money to the window!!

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