"You have unlocked everything."

  • So, I joined a server that Unlocked all my weapons. I had no idea the server would do this. I’m a fairly new player to the game and now the entire point of leveling up has been invalidated. I would love there to be the option to say, reset my stats, but sadly now there’s nothing for me to do because while the game is fun on its own the leveling is really what drove a person like me to play. (Also I don’t feel well using all these items I didn’t earn.)

    I want to earn my progress, not just have it spoon-fed to me.

  • Well since leveling hasn’t worked for like 3 months for people who just started out, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  • There is a way to reset it in your game files! But I suspect this problem will go away when you restart your chivalry game. I don’t remember how to reset it but I have seen someone on the forum say how to do it maybe search the forums?

  • You should consider yourself very lucky. A lot of the levelling and unlocking stuff is broken at the moment so many new players are unable to rank up or unlock new weapons. Sure, it removes some fun but at least you can actually use all the weapons.

  • I believe you can reset your weapon stats by visiting Documents->My Games->Chivalry Medieval Warfare->UDKGame->Config->UDKStats.ini. Open it with Notepad or something.

    In that document set the “bResetStats=False” flag to “bResetStats=true”.(don’t write True, write true") under [AOC.AOCStatWrapper].
    Save the document and give it a go. Never tried it myself though :D

  • Thanks for the replies, and unfortunately Rickvs your sudgestion didn’t quite work out the problem for me, so I guess I’ll just play the dlc for a while, wait for them to fix the actual progression and maybe add a legit reset button.

    I think the reason stats can’t be reset is due to progress likely being saved serverside, so it doesn’t really have a file location to reset.

    Thanks again and please forgive the angered tone of my original statement

  • With some people levelling and unlocks work fine.

    With others they are stuck on rank 5 with the starter weapons.

  • I’ve been rank 45 for over 6 months :( I want a gold helmet

  • Well you could always do it on the honesty principle, mark down your kills and unlock new weapons when you reach the marks. I’d even say it’s so much better than relying on the game’s system.

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