• The game is totally unplayable…you get frustrated because you always hit the enemy first and their attacks doesn’t even get interrupted…it is like fighting with allies and their attacks won’t interrupt…IT IS WORSE THAN MW


  • Some classes like Ninja and Spartan seem like you can’t interrupt them and it can get annoying, but it isn’t ‘impossible’. They have short windups, but they can still be hit during them. Nothing is broken and it is not unplayable at all. The fault here lies with a system that rewards LMB spammers too much, and that’s what get frustrating. The only answer here I’m afraid is “get better lul”.

  • i remember i hit a spartan when he was about to throw a spear and then he blinked and threw it at my face was fucking gay as shit same thing happened to viking.

  • One of both could be lagging. Usually is for that reason. 120+ ms on any client side is synonym of frustrating gameplay.

    Sad but true.

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