Game Freezes On Map Change

  • Hey, everyone. I just re-downloaded Chivalry after about a months break and started having a strange problem I never had before.

    The game freezes whenever a server changes maps, but I can connect to servers just fine. The game no longer show’s the loading screen and just instantaneously connects to the server when I first join, but does not load the next map at the end of the round, it just freezes on the last screen before the map change is supposed to happen, I can however hear the next maps music and the sound of players connecting.

    I tried restarting Steam, my Computer and verifying the cache to no avail. The cache always shows that 4 files need to update after I restart Steam, but reacquiring them does not fix the problem.

    I’ve included a DxDiag and my launch log for the game.

    Thanks, everyone. Hopefully we can get this sorted out :D.

  • Anyone have a fix for this? As a temporary fix I found that I can open the console while my screen is frozen, however I cannot see it; When I type “reconnect” into the console the map loads normally, however I’d prefer if I could find an actual fix for this problem.

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