Does anyone know if this computer can handle Chivalry:Medieval Warfare?

  • | Dell Optiplex desktop pc computer |
    | CPU | Pentium 4 HT - 2.8Ghz-3.0Ghz |
    | RAM | 4 GB |
    | HDD | 500 GB |
    | Optical Drive | DVD |
    | Graphics | Integrated |
    | Monitor | No |
    | Keyboard, mouse and cables | No |
    | Software | Windows 7, Open Office, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus, Adobe Flash Player, VLC media player, Adobe Reader, WinRAR |
    | Included | Desktop PC Computer base unit - Win 7 |

    I am sorry if people are getting bored of others asking this question but I really need to know if you think this could handle Chiv.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Go to and select Chivalry: Medieval Warfare from the drop down menu. It should tell you whether or not you can run the game.

  • I do not yet have this computer, which is an issue. I saw it on eBay and it looked like a good deal, but now I am thinking of buying and actual gaming PC but second hand and with only an 80gb hard drive. I REALLY want to play this game, I have spent months trying to fix this game and I just want to bloody play it :D .

  • ^ inaccurate and vague website

    and honestly, I very very much doubt this game will run at all for you, even at lowest res. Likely the CPU is a socket 631 Pentium 4 from '06, not gonna help in the slightest, and even most recent Integrated GPUs can struggle with this game, I wouldn’t even dare try with that iGPU from way back when. And Chiv not being exactly the most optimized game out there doesn’t help you. It’s overwhelmingly likely that it’ll be near slideshow and not enjoyable at all. Sorry to put it so bluntly, just trying to save you some cash, but ultimately it’s up to you ofcourse.

  • You’d be lucky to get 30FPS all on low with that. In fact by the looks of things your CPU is an intel pentium so in guessing your integrated graphics would be an intel G43/45 so about 15-20FPS all on low.

  • I’ve got a Dual Core with 2x3Ghz, 6 GB Ram and a Geforce GTX 560ti and I’m lucky when I get more than 30 fps so no, don’t even bother trying.

  • Thanks for the useful info her guys! I will just upgrade my graphics card and processor and that should run it.

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