New ideas for matchs of C. Deadliest Warrior

  • I think is a good idea enable a new type of match,and i think is very cool,
    consist in random class deathmatch when u die you get a random class with
    random weapons, so is more atractive the game and is more challenge, we
    can survive a lot with the best class/weapon for what have obtained, so too
    we can train with all weapons/classes and use not always the same weapons.

    I think the game going more fun with a random and unpredictable match and
    of course depends of you the result so we will know what is the deadliest
    warrior! using all classes.:untroubled:
    The idea going good with team deathmatchs or ffa, maybe for last team standing.
    PD: All my friends approved this idea for that i post there.:applouse:
    Thanks for a very great game :stung:

  • Things i forget, you cant change class or weapon, this mode is random and you only can change class and weapon dying :)

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