Crash Free Chivalry

  • Not sure if posted in the right place as its not a bug or in need of support.
    yesturday I built another system with a very old board.

    Asus P5N-D Socket 775
    Quad core 6600
    4 gig of cheap 800mhz ram
    stuck in 2 gtx 580’s
    set it up with a xp pro fresh install and activated.
    I copied my steam folder over from my super rig.

    first thing I did was to allow Steam.exe and chivlauncher.exe through the firewalls.
    Soon as I started Steam I started Chivalry.
    6 or 7 hours it ran for, No crashes, No problems at all. Udk worked all night
    very strange tbh.

    My other rigs have ssd drives , sli cards, windows 8, 8.1, windows 7 ultimates
    Quite often I get a few udk crashes and some times time outs dropped from servers.

    I suggest that if you installed Steam and chivalry or just copied it over to a
    Clean freshly built rig or even a freshly installed os. Then as no other programs are present
    Steam and Chivalry is first, It might give you a crisp Crash free game of chivalry for hours.

    It is just an idea as if you have rigs with lots of other proggys, who knows what is doing what in the background
    Now I will just use that old socket 775 system mentioned for Chivalry and nothing else.

    lastly I suggest to TB they could open a section for us to discuss rigs and builds etc and other techy fun
    maybe under off topic a sub forum.

  • loin solution to chivalry - buy new computer or reformat OS.

    lets all get started!

  • Well it worked for me and being a hobbyist who lives on the bay buy/sell components near 24/7
    I often built systems way before chivalry came along. I just thought it was surprising it works better on
    that old board with generic ram then on my so called super rigs. Perhaps someone could just add a new user#
    with the steam name to their computer and try chivalry from that account, that might work better also.
    just ideas after all.

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