Rank and Weapon Progress resetting…

  • Hello everyone, I just bough the game on STEAM and noticed some problems.I installed my game on 2 different computers and the following problems are happening on both of them:

    1- I already start at rank 5, with some weapons unlocked, like the second bow, and other weapons are already halfway to unlock… Is the the starting point of the game? or my game is really crazy? If this is really the starting point, I wonder why there is an achievement on steam to get to rank 5…

    2- I can level up. I already leveled up to rank 7… but when I quit the game, and return I`m back to level 5.

    3- My weapon progress is not saving, I have already unlocked the second crossbow 5 times, and every time I relog, the bow is locked and I have to do kills all over again to unlock it.

    4- Some achievements on steam aren`t working… I already completed one achievement (hit 50 enemy hearts with arrows), but some achievements like Gather Experience with crossbows/Gather Experience with spear/Gather experience with One handed… are all on 0/25 also the achievement to reach level 5 is still locked… the thing is the progress on these achievements is very strange. its like

    Reach Level 5> 0 / 27,069
    Reach Level 10>27,069 / 75,302 (Wtf i`m not with 27,069…)
    Reach Level 20>75,302 / 314,370 (what…)

    Please someone can help with with any of these problems??? I already tried reinstalling the game. redownloading. removing the config file on (My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config) nothing worked…

  • I’m having a similiar problem. I dunno what level I was when I was playing yesterday, or what level I started at, or even what level I am now, but I was playing yesterday using the second sword under the vanguard class, booted up the game bout an hour ago and my sword is gone and I need 13 kills to unlock it?

  • I understand that this is a well-known problem in the community, but I just wanted to put my two cents in here (at least to bump the topic in case any members of the dev team are reading).

    Every time I close my game, my stats go back to Level 5 and my kills aren’t counted towards weapon unlocks. I mention this while I’m playing, and nearly everyone in the server will say that they are having the same problem.

    Simply put, the game is **broken.

    **Torn Banner should stop working on any DLC or new helmet projects and focus on THIS problem. It is an issue negatively affecting almost every player across the board. I’m not a programmer, but it appears that if it used to work and now it doesn’t, the problem shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint and correct. Maybe invest a day or two into creating a workaround for the issue?

    If it makes your customers happy, then the time is a worthy investment. Nothing irks me more to hear “We are working on it” and what we get are helmets and new launch screens. By making it impossible for players to unlock more weapons, you are making it impossible for them to enjoy your product to the fullest.

  • Hi,

    you can try going into \Documents\my games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\ and removing the udkstats.ini then reverifying the game cache, then try levelling up some more :)

  • Not found removing udkstats.ini !!!

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