Fix to loss of weapon stats

  • so i wanted to make it so i always have draw tracers on. i went into my folder steam > steanapps > common > Chivalry medieval warfare and then made a text file. i then typed in aoc_drawtracer 1 into it and then saved it as user.config. the file saved as a config file, i deleted the old text document and loaded my game. i joined a server and received several achievements from unlocking weapons based on kills. all my kill that were previously lost were all tracked! so yeah, try this and see if it works. i think just adding a user.config file will do, but hey, u should probably do it exactly as i did it. tell me your results to see if this is a solution for everyone!

    tl;dr. go to your chivalry folder through steam>steamapps>common>chivalry medieval warfare. once inside this folder, create a text file. open the text file and type in aoc_drawtracer 1 and then save as user.config. (to those who dont know, you need to click on the “save file as” all instead of just text) once it is saved, delete the old text file and then open chivalry and your weapons should be logged.

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