4 Mr tibby

  • Mr tibby I have concluded you are way to insular for your years.
    I remember watching an interview you did, were as the question was ask are you a left hander?
    you I think ignored it or said next question. As if some one had another agenda for that question
    of which I think it was purely game intended.

    Now moving forward, being insular or running a community in an insular way is not very positive
    you appear to have a either gathered large number of insular people to run your forums or
    in fact turned them into insular people regarding chivalry. Always looking for the gripe or negative.
    Its almost like Das experiment.

    You might view this in an insular way also. It is not intended in that light but to enlighten you to do
    some introspective analysis to draw your own conclusions and ask some immediate family or friends for
    an opinion if you seek objective feedback. All to be done privately off course.

  • Unsure who locked this, or if you’re being serious or not, but for those curious, the question was “Is yours a two-hander?”.

    It was in reference to his willy.

    He either looked away shyly, or directly at the camera and wiggled his eyebrows, and moved on.

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