Future of Hive Gamer's 64 Man 1v1 Chivalry KOTH.

  • First I would like to think all the community members for their participation in our first ever KOTH on January 4th. I would also like to thank you for your outpour though not all of it was constructive criticism but that’s OK we understand. I’ve put a lot of time over the last few days coming up with an ideal solution to try and please the masses. And this is what I’ve come up with and will be the future structure of Hive Gamer, KOTH.

    Going forward Hive Gamer KOTH will operate as such. We will now have 4 qualifying weeks and on the 5th week we will host KOTH. Followed by a 2 week rest period for weeks 6 and 7.

    How does all this work out?

    Hive Gamer 64 1vs1 KOTH

    Each week we will host [2] 8 Man brackets at the same time. Brackets [A] and **- Both equal in standing. That’s 16 players a week for 4 weeks for a total of 64 Players. Once a competitor has qualified he or she will not eligible to join future qualifying brackets until KOTH on week 5. Each week [2] competitors will advance to KOTH. Until we reach 8 qualifying competitors. After we have our [8] KOTH competitors we will host a KOTH on week 5 with a 2 week rest period. After that two-week rest period we will rinse and repeat until the end of the season. “length of a season is still being determined” If any of the eight competitors are no-shows / MIA that competitor will be replaced by the player he or she faced in the last qualifying match.

    Please leave feedback here or on HiveGamer.Com http://www.hivegamer.com/showthread.php?95-Future-of-Hive-Gamer-s-64-Man-Chivalry-KOTH&p=299#post299**

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