Updated SDK example maps. Now with more Team objective! (Updated 02-13-2014)





    Included are the following example maps:

    **Basic Game modes:

    Team Objective Examples:
    To initiate, go to console (scroll lock, ~) and type: addbots 1.
    The killbots command can removed them after the level initiates.


    In this example, I have setup a multi-stage objective sequence. Agatha is the attacking team.

    Stage 1:Burn the hay
    Stage 2:Push the Bomb Cart
    Stage 3:Kill the King


    **All remaining examples are single objective snippets. In this one, I outline how to setup a basic Peasant/Noble kill objective. Mason are the attackers. Outlined in the Kismet comments:

    -Stationary Peasants
    -Point to Point Moving Peasants
    -Random Move Peasants
    -Animated Peasants


    **This example contains the Pyre from Hillside. I have simplified the Kismet down to just the basic components. It is mainly controlled by remote events. Agatha is the attacking team.


    **This is a simplified version of the Trebuchet/Sluice Gate. It should be much more reliable, and is much less Kismet heavy. There are two platforms for the Masons to capture, both need to be held at the same time. The Agathian flag must be lowered, then the Mason flag raised simultaneously.
    Note: This is the most complex of the objectives to implement.

    Three different destructible examples. Masons are attackers.

    -HP based
    -Predetermined number of strikes
    -Predetermined number of strikes + Animated Skeletal mesh damage states.


    **Pushable Bomb Cart.

    -Attackers can push it by standing behind it
    -Defenders can halt it’s progress if they outnumber the attackers
    -The wheels will turn and sound will play as it moves
    -A HUD marker with a progress bar above the Pushable
    -Objective Will complete when it has reached it’s destination


    Basically the King Objective.

    PM me if there are any questions. I want to do whatever I can to help everyone get functioning TO maps in Chivalry. I will be uploading these to the workshop shortly.

  • @Andrew:

    PM me if there are any questions. I want to do whatever I can to help everyone get functioning TO maps in Chivalry. I will be uploading these to the workshop shortly.

    That is certainly appreciated. If we had a bunch of TO custom map servers that would be great. Perhaps TBS as the main benefactor of custom SDK maps should host an eastern/western/european server with the custom stuff. Maybe put a couple of bots in there to encourage people to join.

  • Gotta give props for the guy/s who made these maps (i guess it was andrew, correct me if im wrong).

    A bit underappreciated here, but these example maps helped me a ton with kismet and how things work in chivalry, so thank you!

  • Thanks! Glad to hear they have been of some use. I will be updating them in the coming weeks. Also working on better documentation to go with them.


  • Wow! These would have been so useful when I was making my map, I almost wished I had waited instead of teaching myself how to do it. I’m sure they will help others immensely.

  • Andrew how did you learn to make maps? Everyone else I ask always says they taught themselves, but they had to get some kind of outside help.

  • awsome! would be nice to see the arena maps as examples too :)

  • Andrew

    I wondered if you could do an asset fix on one of the castle meshes. The light maps are messed up giving black crenelations. the static mesh is this one



  • Hello there. I finally decided to begin a TO map, and I have some questions about the way some objectives are “kismet-managed” in the official TO maps. Am I in the right place, or should I create a separated thread ?

    Thanks in advance

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