• Okay this is retarded, I’m not getting any weapon progress at all and I have yet to see one post by a dev saying they are working on the issue.

    The “fix” to unlock everything by changing the values and changing False to false dosnt work for me at all.

    Seriously I’ve never seen such a ghetto game before in my life. I won’t even get into how retarded it is to create your own dedicated server… does anyone have a REAL fix for this so i can have fun unlocking things at my own pace? Can a dev at least respond saying they are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  • I and many players (who last time bought the game) completly subscribe for this post. Actually, personally, I haven’t this problem cause bought Chivalry much month ago. I love this game. But I have recieved many same complaints from “new players”. Some my freinds and all this people can’t enjoy game with me. No one solutions couldn’t help. Please, we are need some ‘fix’ or really helpfull solutions.

  • THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! the basics of the game is the reward system and it just does´t work. This is just retarded that they prioritise on adding helmets and new useless launcher but cant fix the core element of the game. FIX THIS!

  • It is really anooying - when you can’t receive progress. I am new player in Chivalry and I haven’t weapon progress. For example: I tried to unlock two handed sword №3 for Knight about 10 times! And always it’s progress throw back - to 9 points… Also I haven’t progress with 3-td sword of Vanguard and 3-d bow of archer. Progress that I had with another classes - is also lost after latest patch! Can you resolve existing problem instead of creating another one?

  • It’s never going to be fixed unless they reset every player back to level 0.

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