• Heeeey ho!
    Me and my friends were always friends of “epic-kills”, such as >splatter-away<, >decapitate<, >arrow-in-the-throat< ect……

    So what about “Fatality”-Mov(i)es?

    Here you go:
    1. Enemy is low on health
    2. You successful (special) attack [maybe only after blocking?]
    3. “Fatality”
    4. …
    5. Profit.

    -So: the “Fatalities” are no “super-attacks”, just finisher!
    -Problem: the kill could be too long. You get killed while you kill with a “Fatality”.
    =>So they are done quickly.
    -If you’re killed with a fatality, the camera pans outside in slowmotion.
    -Awesomeness in 1v1 situation.

    -(optional)If you do such a Fatality: the camera could go outside, so you can watch the kill perfectly - movie like.

    A few examples:
    decapitate (of course),
    stomach stab: you stab your sword through the stomach and kick the body back,
    chest stab: you slash with you knife multiple times into the chest,
    throat piercing: (from behind?) you stab/cut the throat,
    skull crusher: you kick the enemy, so he kneels befor you. You smite his head with you hammer/axe overarm.
    neck-breaker: (from behind) you put your hammer hilt around the neck and BREAK!
    face punsh: punsh in the face.
    360° throat: you hit the lags, whirl 360° and cut the neck/throat/head.
    lift-off: you stab the enemy with your lance(?) and lift him off - and hard down.

    When you played Assassin’s Creed you’ll get my idea.

  • There are a few problems with this kind of system, the major one being that it generally causes the gameplay to be fragmented and slows down how smooth the game feels. A prime example for this is the new AvP game, the multiplayer for which, although very graphically polished felt stilted and lacking.

    Decapitations and general dismemberment, similar to that of AoC allow for a smoother gameplay experience as it is only a graphical effect, and does not effect the players movement.

  • This idea was already discussed at length a while ago. But yeah, dismemberment, such as lopping off heads, severing hands, arms etc, add a bit more candy to the game than just decapitations.

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