Desperately needed additions/fixes.

  • I know there are already a lot of these threads but none seemed to understand the importance of;

    1. Auto team balance, it’s ridiculous playing a server filled with 15 pirates, 10 samurai, 2 ninja, 2 spartans etc. When someone dies a check should be done to make sure the teams are balanced, if they’re not they should be moved to the team with the lowest members. Also why the hell can people join stacked teams? An almost unforgivable oversight in a team based game.

    2. Votekick, yes I know that there’s already a votekick system…except it’s done via console commands and not automatically obvious. Why is it so hard to add a votekick button in the menu?

    3. Viking voice, it’s notoriously stupid sounding and completely ruins the feel of the game. Also I didn’t have a third thing to say, but still, it’s the worst voice acting I’ve heard for a long time.

  • There is auto team balance. Its just that some servers turn it off for some dumb reason.

    Votekick is fine. Its still easy to do and people don’t abuse it nearly as much.

    And the the Viking voice is fine.

  • Viking laugh is annoying, but his voice is fine. Don’t hate.

    The autobalance thing is annoying because most of the time you tell the cowards to switch over and balance teams and they won’t. But without autobalance, I’m able to 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 a few times in a round and single-handedly win LTS and TD games lol.

    To votekick, go in console. type votekick. It will look like this: (I have attempted to recreate the randomness of people’s names)
    0. McBongxxx420
    1. Chris Brown
    2. Mr. Danal Bildo
    3. the guy behind you
    4. Noob Destroyer .,:/!:,.
    5. Shade-

    Now, just type: confirm 5
    You’ve started a votekick in 3 seconds. Yay!!! Now try to solve the problem of retarded voters that don’t vote, or insta-no, or insta-yes without reading chat. Good luck.

  • @Oy:

    Viking laugh is annoying, but his voice is fine. Don’t hate.

    Everyone’s laugh is annoying, it’s supposed to be. Viking is my favorite class and I dislike how… unclear the voices are. It takes me a good few tries to work out what the fuck they are even saying. And considering that voice commands are all we have in a pinch until Voip comes in, they should really consider redoing them, when there isn’t more important stuff on hand.

    It takes like 5 seconds to say “The enemy are coming behind us”, and its always said in such a roundabout way that I’m amazed if anyone turns around. Mostly I turn around and just lob my shield to give some indication shit is happening behind us.

  • By high laugh is annoying I meant the voice actor did a poor and unconvincing job of it. At least Samurai, Knight, Ninja, and Spartan sound like they’re genuinely laughing, the Viking on the other hand sounds like someone doing a bad job of fake laughing.
    Any way, most of the voice commands are good, I’ve had hilarious voice convos with people and use it to communicate a lot on LTS/TD. Some of them are vague though. I love the taunts in the game, they’re well done. We’ll blow your balls from me cannon. I’ll bung your hole, you rrrat. Get your hands off me cock-swing!

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