Creating maps for UDK: Any possible rewards? (Special skin/Helmet or other)

  • Hello Tornbanner and community,

    I’m a level designer, modeller and texturer for Source SDK and I have already spent quite some time into mapping. I also have spent a considerable amount of time exploring the level design from Chivalry, and since recently I have been tempted to learn the UDK to map for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

    However, I’m wondering if there would be any rewards to it. I mean, for instance, if you have built a map that TornBanner deems decently enough to be played officially (much like what happens in CS:GO with the operation where awsome community maps are being made official for public release), would there be the possibility of receiving some awards on this? I have always found this policy very encouraging, both to make maps but also to make them very good.

    By such I mean proper level design at the same level of Chivalry, with good flow and well-thought gameplay. I was thinking about a certain exclusif helmet to mappers, or a new skin or whatnot. Or, even like in CS:GO, having your map nominated for official release. I see this as a great way to get new maps on Chivalry so that you as developers do not rely solely on the sake of level design. This is has greatly enlargened the content basis from CS:GO and the DLC had major succes. So, in other words such a same system could also be profitable if it needs to (for TornBanner as clarification… not for the mappers) Of course the DLC could also just be free.

    Anyways, that’s really all I wanted to ask.

    Some reference projects that have been released, along with one project yet in develoment, all for the Source SDK:

    HIMEJI CASLTE (Asian themed, real existing famous landmark. Could for instance work in Deadliest warrior xD)
    ARDENNES (From the Belgium Ardennes, just some level design project with mediocre gameplay. It was back in the time used for modeling purposes and I wanted to see how it stood out in Source. Open environment there is very hard compared to the UDK)
    WINTER FOREST (one of my first maps)
    ELECTRIC ORGAN (A map made for fun and testing how well I could recreate something existing, such as my electric organ at home)

    And finally, my project that is WIP, and something I would gladly recreate in the UDK:


    Cathedral is my current WIP for the Source Engine and should be the first project that attempts semi-professional modelling from my own input in a map for Source. Although Himeji came in the middle of the WIP for a contest I have now resumed this and it should be done in a few months from here on.

    This is a project I would definitly recreate in the UDK, probably also differently in the UDK with more details, as some of you know Source is pretty old and is actually not really built for such constructions (althought the map currently runs very well, over 180fps in Source, which can be achieved with numerous approaches such as smart polycount and plain old LODS if necessary).

    I hope this was interesting enough to catch TornBanners attention. I would love to hear some news on this if this is possible.

    Kind regards,

    Joris Ceoen

  • Hey there JorisCeoen!

    We’re glad to see you have interest in creating custom maps for Chivalry!

    As far as your questions go, there is a possibility of different kinds of awards, but mainly as an official contest. We’ve talked about possibly running a contest similar to what Tripwire has done with Red Orchestra 2. A system like what Valve did with CS:GO’s Operation Payback is really cool, and we are open to the idea. We are also very open to suggestions as to what we could do to generate more interest in the modding community for Chivalry.

    I also highly suggest that while you are working on this map to post a thread on polycount with work in progress shots for critiques and suggestions.

  • Wow thanks for the response!

    About the contest, that seems incredibly awsome, I hope it’s doable as an independent guy though :D because usually contest maps with such prizes have many people working on one map (one modeller, a texturer and so on) whereas I can’t do that. I mean I can do it all fine (for instance all of the above maps have always been done under 40 days and I did won with Himeji) but depending on time and other criteria, I can’t always do it all in time as I just model and map in my free time xD

    Anyways aside from that, I love to hear you are open to suggestions. I believe any new implementation of awards or any other kind of input to community modding from here on is positive I think. I was just asking the above items to check if there was already or is coming something that is worth looking for when mapping.

    I should say however, that I yet have to learn the UDK. So, in other words, I really have only opened it once and I can’t even remember the camera controls anymore. I did learn 3DS Max, Sketchup, GIMP (not Photoshop it’s too expensive :’( ) so I at least won’t have those problems anymore.

    I wonder, do you know Source SDK and can you perhaps give me some insight whereas how different they are? (for instance, how much more difficult is UDK versus Source SDK as I highly expect the UDK to be at least more difficult).

    I will start learning as fast as possible. People on Source have always been telling me that my modeling and mapping would stand out more and come to it’s rights in an engine like the UDK (As Source SDK has a terrible compiling of the static models, rather primitive although this has highly increased in CS:GO) so regardless of contest/awards it’s very likely I will be releasing something for Chivalry that is hopefully worth trying at one time during development. Much like I back in the time never believed I would ever be able to even map (let alone modeling/texturing) for Source SDK, I think I should by now be ready to start learning some more complicated stuff, for a game that I desire so much I play it every day ^^ I will definitly use polycount for feedback :)

    To finish, thanks for the very quick reaction, this definitly is encouraging as not all developers are actively interacting with their community, so it definitly ensures me that any effort will not go in vain ;)

    Whenever I’m ready for starting with any map/project, I’ll let it know in the according Forum section and I will link to Polycount as well.

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