TERRIBLE Ping Since Patch

  • Am I alone in this? I used to be able to play Chiv with max settings flawlessly. Now I’ve put everything to the LOWEST settings and I still get pings of 200+ in every game. Even when I join my lowest ping’d server. It’ll start off at 40 ping and then after about 5 mins it always goes up to 200+.

    I’ve been playing Chiv for the last 3 months and I havent had a single issue until this patch came around. I know it’s not my rig or my connection as I have a nice gaming rig (can play skyrim with max settings with even the most demanding ENB graphics mods) and I live in Dallas with lightning internet.

    So what’s up with the high latency since the patch?

  • In-game settings won’t affect your ping times.
    Try reloading your networking drivers (ethernet or wireless), maybe?
    There’s a Coronal Mass Ejection event that is effecting the entire internet. (You may have noticed crappy TV signals last night and today). It should be over in a few days. I’m not saying that’s your issue, but it can’t be helping.

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