Chivalry wont save graphics options and runs terrible after patch

  • Hey so my game hasnt ever saved the right graphics options, dont matter what i set in game, it will display really low graphics sometimes then if i change a value like DOF or motion blur it suddenly enables most the high settings, but then will disable them again randomly, never saves or runs with the right settings. (tried changing config files and setting to read only doesnt work)

    ALSO the new patch that makes it 64bit has ruined my game, now its using twice as much ram sure, but for no clear reason as the game runs less than half as good (fps wise went from a solid 60-90 to 25-40.

    I should add this has been an issue since release which i had no idea about untill the last month, i was playing on low graphics and had no idea for a long time, luckily using sweetfx so it still looked ok, but then i changed motion blur or dof and suddenly i can play with high graphics until next launch ofcourse, and i have no idea if it is highest it will go as i have set it or if its just picking random presets for no reason.

    Ok so you guys have never tested a game or a patch before release have you? You literally have no bloody idea what you are doing, please stop working on this game and leave it to more competant community memebers to fix because you are all clearly totally incapable of doing anything correct or even using common sense, you fools had a tick box for 64 bit when it was “experimental” now you have suddenly declared its no longer experimental even though its more buggy and abysmal than it was before, and forced everyone to run 64bit. YOU REMOVED AN OPTION FOR NO REASON, you are total and utter shiteating fucktits.
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