CDW.exe won't open since new update | Be my hero ! :)

  • Since the new update with the new launcher, I cannot play Deadliest Warrior. I can start manually the UDK.exe for Modern Warfare, but the CDW.exe opens an error box :

    When I click the “Play” button of either game, the launcher closes and the games won’t start.

    I sent an email to Torn Banner Studios and didn’t receive an answer.

    I rebooted, then deinstalled/redownloaded/reinstalled the game and rebooted again, installed again Framework and Direct X and rebooted again, I verified the files cache of the game within Steam and repaired the missing files.

    However, I found out my launcher says “Users subscribed file list is empty”:

    Does it mean anything ?

    I don’t know what to do to play DW again, any help would be very appreciated I’m becoming desperate, thank you very much.

  • Ok, so if I open the MDW.exe (32-bit), the game works flawlessly, but not the MDW.exe (64-bit) or the CDW.exe (64-bit).

    However, I am on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Why can’t I play the 64-bit versions of these games ? It worked before the update, my graphics card drivers are up-to-date and I reinstalled Direct X and Microsoft Visual C++ many times now.

    Any help would be so much appreciated, this is painful ! Thank you !

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