Help my CDW game wont start after the last update

  • chivalry medieval warfare works fine after the last update but every time I try to launch the game it from steam I get the message below. I have no clue what it means or how to fix it

    this only happens when I run chivalry through steam if run SDK frontend and run chivalry I can play medieval warfare just fine.
    Im not sure what to do to try to fix this so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • I had the same problem, and it changed to what I explained in my thread a little bit earlier). Now the error box you get happens to me sometimes.

    I understand you have a problem with the launcher as well ? Have you tried the solutions in the Giant Solution List ?

  • I did the steps in the Giant Solutions List and im not sure which step fixed it but my the launcher now works thanks for the help!

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