• so I find myself at a crossroads, per se. I want to play chivalry, because I fracking paid for it, and not at a shitty steam 75% off and we’ll give you a cookie sale, but I can’t seem to get in the groove to actually double click on the icon to open the phuking game. why? why is that? am I the only one feeling like this? I know this is OFFTOPIC, and may get moved to, wherever it gets moved to, but I really hoped tbs cared enough about the people who paid money to them for a game. yes yes, I know, laughter, but, meh, maybe I’m an optimist and think they will pop in and say “well, Benedict, it’s like this”. but then I realize that isn’t going to happen, so I guess ill go shoot planes down in IL2 with the history mod enabled, or maybe fire a STG42 in Red Orchestra, or Maybe drive a Koenigstiger in Darkest Hour. Hell, I might even go slay some zombies in L4D2. anyone else feel the same way? :numbness:

  • Nope. I still love the game. I just despise TB’s practices.

  • You want the developers to try and convince you to try the game because you paid for it? Is that seriously the topic of this thread?
    Maybe you should just move on buddy.

  • I went 3 months cold turkey from Chivalry after the patch-which-must-not-be-named. Gave me a chance to play some other games finally. When I came back I kind of figured I’d give it up right away what with the bubble, CF2P gone, half my weapons nerfed and all the old bugs still around (and new ones, too!). But in fact it was kind of freeing because I realized I just can’t take this game seriously anymore. It’s so broken it’s actually fun to play just to see what bug will cause my next death. I’m betting it will be the bubble-bump first today.

  • oy- no.
    just a ranting post i suppose.

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